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Please Light up the Bulb

Stare at the black bulb for about thirty (30) seconds or more. Make sure that you didn’t make any move on your eyesight during that time. Then, immediately turn your eyesight to a white area (the area next to the black bulb picture, or to the white wall in your surrounding, or on a piece of blank white paper).

Magically, you should see a Glowing Light Bulb there.

Well, it is not a magic for sure. It is an optical illusion that is more well-known as an AFTERIMAGE effect.

This afterimage effect is usually last only in seconds to one minute.

Anyway, thank you for helping me to Light Up The Bulb. 🙂


Here is another picture that works the same as the picture of bulb above.

What do you think?

What image did you see when you move your eyesight to a white area?

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