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Answer for Riddle 3

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a Lot of Discussion were made in the comment box of Riddle 3. You may take a look for a while and try to solve the riddle first before you see the answer below.

This riddle is quite hard already, but there is also some people said that this is an Easy One. No problem, you may try to solve it by yourself and then make a judge whether this is a Hard One or an Easy One.

Here is the answer of the third riddle of Psikita :

To appreciate the answers that were submitted by Psikita‘s visitors, here I will posted the answers submitted by them (Thank you for your participation). Just read which one, according to you, is the easiest to be understood :

1. by Steven

Put 3 stones in left hand n 3 in right hand.. places them in the scale. there are 3 situations which will be happened…
1. if the right ones is heavier than take the stones… so it will be only 3 of them.. take 1 n place it in the right scale.. place 1 too in the left scale.. if the right is heavier, that means the right one is the answer… if the left is heavier, than the left one is the answer.. if the scale in a balance position… so the only stone which isn’t placed in the scale is the answer…
2. if the left ones is heavier… repeat the first way n you will know the answer..
3. if the scale in a balance position….. you know what that means right??? it means there are only two of them.. n the stones isn’t in the scale. they are in your hand.. so.. just place 1 in the right n 1 in the left.. n you know the answer..

2. by Sususapii

There is 8 stones, rite?
divide it into 3 (3-3-2)

*FIRST, put 3 stones to every side of the scales (put aside 2 stones for a while) and see which side is heavier..

*SECOND, take 3 stones from the side you hev scaled just now, which u think is heavier & divide it into 3 (1-1-1)

*THIRD, take 2 from 3 of the stones & put 1 to each side of the scale..now let the scale works & see which stone is heavier!
if 2 of the stones u took on the 3rd step weight the same, then the heaviest stone must be the one u dont put on the scale!

If both side weight the same at the FIRST step, take the 2 stones u put aside on aech side of the scales & u’ll hev d answer!

SEE? It’s easy :p

3. by RippiR

easy one.
bagi dulu jadi 3 grup, dengan isi 3,3,2. timbang 2 grup pertama, jika seimbang, brrt tinggal di grup ke3 yg lbh berat, timbang antara keduanya. dapat deh dgn 2x timbang..

contohnya: kita ksh nama 1-8. yg lbh berat itu misalkan no 8.
pertama timbang dulu 1,2,3 dengan 4,5,6. mereka seimbang, brrt antara 7 dan 8. timbang az 7 dan 8, dpt d yg lbh berat tu 8. (2x timbang)

Lalu misalnya yg berat tu di 5.
sama juga, pertama timbang dulu 1,2,3 dan 4,5,6. tentunya 4,5,6 lbh berat, jadi acuhkan az 7 dan 8.
kemudian ambil dua batu dari 4,5,6 dan timbang.
klo ambil 4 dan 5 atau 5 dan 6 kan lngsg nmpk 5 lbh berat, tapi klo yg keambil 4 dan 6, dan tentunya mrk seimbang, dpt juga d 5 yg lbh berat. (2x timbangan).

4. by Mr. X

just divided 6 and 2
then scale 3-3
if the heaviest stone doesn’t exist between 6 stones
just scale 2 stones left.
but if the heaviest stone exist between 6 stones
It means just 3 left.. take one out of the scale and compare 1-1

5. by Unknown

pertama timbang 3 – 3
kalau seimbang, berarti 1 dari 2 batu yang belum ditimbang yang lebih berat, yang tinggal ditimbang dengan cara 1 – 1.
kalau tidak seimbang, ambil 3 batu yang ditimbang lebih berat, lalu ambil 2 dari 3 untuk ditimbang. Jika seimbang, berarti yang 1 lagi lebih berat. Jika tidak seimbang, yang lebih berat ya itulah batunya.

How is it? Do you have any answer?

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