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Nothing’s Impossible

Look at the picture above carefully.

The paper are chained to each other.


The video below will show you that the paper are really chained to each other …

No glue or any sticky stuff was used to create it.


That is what all magicians want you to think.

Most of the well-known magicians in this world know the psychology of human minds. They know how does the human mind works, and also know how to trick it. Sometimes, what they are doing to impress the audiences is really simple, but when it reached our mind, we pretend it to be something IMPOSSIBLE (This is what all magicians want you to think).

The making process is below. It will show you that there is really no special stuff was used in creating this ‘Impossible‘ thing.

See… There is nothing impossible

The next question is,

Do you have any idea on how it was done?

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