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Chimpanzee versus Human Child ~ Learning

This is the second post about Chimpanzee in this website. The first one is about the Short Term Memory ability between Chimpanzee and Human.

Well, maybe it is a little annoying to see that we Human are being compared with animal Chimpanzees. And in the previous post about the Short Term Memory, we got a result that Chimpanzees’ STM are superior to ours. The results might made us to become more annoyed. Well, it is a fact. In some way, Chimpanzees are better than us. But in a lot of other ways, we Human have a lot of ability that are superior to them.

The following videos will show us that Chimpanzees have a more intelligent approach in solving a puzzle than the Human Child in the same age.

The experiments also show us that Human, especially Human Child, learn most of the thing around them by mimicking them. Children learn from what they see. Show them violence, and they will be likely to become a criminal in future. Otherwise, show them kindness, and they will be likely to share their kindness to the others, too.

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