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#Psikita We are more likely to remember the Nightmares rather than the Sweet Dreams we had in our sleep.

#Psikita Most dreams were immediately forgotten when we’d woke up.

#Psikita Children See, Children Do ! =) So, be careful in showing something (bad) in front of your children.

#Psikita Which one is Bigger? “Locations of Illusions are from North Sumatera University” : http://wp.me/p1gOPA-6J

#Psikita Chldren w/ a hstory of sexual molestation r 10 times more likely to suicide(Conference on Child Victimization&Child Offending,2000)

#Psikita abused children often show sudden changes in eating and/or sleeping habits.

#Psikita 14% of abused children exhibit behaviour problems (Trocme & Wolfe, 2001)

#Psikita 17% of abused children exhibit age inappropriate sexual behaviour (Trocme & Wolfe, 2001)

#Psikita ruO niarb si os gnizama. eW llits nac daer sith teewt neve hguoht eht stxet dah neeb desrever!

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