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7 Tips to keep Our New Year’s Resolution

It’s new year! It’s time to open a new page and write a better life story of our own.


What is your Resolution for this year?

This is very common: you are very enthusiast in the beginning of each years to make a New Year’s Resolution, and then you will just abandoning your Resolutions within weeks. Is that what is happening to you last year, last two years, last three years, and so on? It’s time to stop that kinda cycle.

Here are some tips gathered by Psikita only for you:

1. Make only one Resolution

2. Avoid previous Resolution, because it could set you up for frustration

3. Be Realistic about your Resolution

4. Be specific. ‘I want to be rich’ is not specific enough, you would be better to make your Resolution become more specific: ‘I want to have $1Billion in my account’

5. Break your goal into a series of steps. Make some plans about what are you going to do to achieve your Resolution.

6. Reward Yourself each time you are one step closer to you Resolution.

7. This is the most important part: Talk to your friend, family, and everyone about your Resolution.

Since there is an issue that this year, 2012, is gonna be the end of the world (We don’t know whether it is true or not; it’s not really important), but it is better to be more motivated, to be more serious, to be more enthusiast in achieving our this year’s Resolution. Let’s act like that this year will be really the end of the world, so that we will do our best today to achieve our Resolution.

Happy New Year 🙂

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