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Find Your Blind Spot

Through eyes, we see the a lot of wonderful things provided by this World. Through eyes, we can see ourselves in front of mirror. Through eyes, we can see others and enjoy all of their beauty. Through eyes, we can read this post.

Our eyes are very amazing! But do you know, there are also some uniqueness our eyes have! One of them is this: OUR EYES HAVE ITS BLIND SPOT!

Close your LEFT EYE, then stare at the Small Circle directly with your RIGHT EYE. As the Big Circle move further to the right, You will experience that the Big Circle suddenly Disappeared for a moment. Try to move your head closer/further from the screen if you fail to experience it in the first try.

Such effect shows that our eyes have its BLIND SPOT; a point where an Object in front of our eyes can’t be captured as an Image in our Retina, so we will see nothing if the object is in that point.

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