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Answer for Riddle 21

Still related to Medan’s Birthday, which this Riddle is dedicated to. There is a little Fun and Interesting Psychology Fact about Birthday.

“People are 14% more likely to die on their birthdays than other days.”

This fact was found by a Swiss study published in the Annals of Epidemiology.

Do you agree with this finding?

Once again, Happy Birthday for Medan, the city where I was born and growth with.

Here is the riddle, dare you to solve it before you go any further to the answer:

There is a type of mouse which gives birth ONCE a month, birthing 17 babies each time. Baby mouse mature and can give birth FIVE months after they are born. You take ONE of this baby mouse home and take care of it.

In 17 Months, how many mouse will you have?


There will be only 1 (ONE) Mouse you have after 17 months.

Because mouse is a mammal, which need a partner to reproduce.

Any idea for other possible answer?

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