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Man – Man & Woman – Woman ‘s Conversation ? [RESULT]

About a month ago, we did a little survey via one posting of this blog. The survey is about what topic do Man-Man and Woman-Woman usually talk about.

Here are what we wrote on that post:

This morning, I (Johan Wibawa) went to a swimming pool with some friends. We often do this activity in the weekend, whenever we have some free time to do so.

There is something interesting in this latest swimming activity. One of my friend reminds me of something related to psychology. He said, “When we, all men, gathered like this, the topic we frequently discussed is about girls. See, the girl in the corner is very beautiful. See, that girl in pink has a very great swimming skill. Oh my God, she is looking at us, we must stay cool. And so on.”

He continues, “Does women when gathered like this are also talk about Men? What do you think? Are they also say something like, ‘hey look at the boy sitting on that bench, perfect body. Look at the boy standing there, handsome, isn’t he? I wished to have a date with him.’ ?”

Nah… Let’s do a little survey! Let’s see whether my friend’s opinion about Men are true or not, and see whether my friend’s hypothesis about Women are accepted or rejected!

So, what is the result? Check this out:

When men are in a conversation with their close-friends whom are also men, the topic is more frequent about WOMAN.

But it is not true for women when they are in a conversation with their close-friends whom are women. When women talk to their female-friends, their topic is more likely about Their Personal Problems!

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